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Ellen was always there for our company through email, phone calls, and meetings: mornings, afternoons, nights, and weekends - you name it! That lady sure knows customer service. She's also very thorough in commercial real estate matters. She can solve ANY problem and was the key in getting everyone to close. Our deal would not have happened without her. Ellen is remarkable.Ray Bach, President, Automotive Distributing Company
Our company is from out of the area and needed to establish an office in the area ASAP. Ellen understood our sense of urgency and toured me through numerous properties. I really admire her knowledge of the market for she found a property that was not even listed that we ended up leasing. With Ellen’s involvement, all of the aspects of the process (lease, zoning, contractors, alarms, etc.) were very smooth and very quick ---- just what we needed. She’s the best!Carolos Diaz, District Manager, Nuco2 LLC
We are repeat clients of Ellen’s.  She closed three deals for us, and we have engaged Ellen to handle additional Real Estate Business Transactions.  We find Ellen to be trustworthy, ambitious, caring, and intelligent.  She also really knows what is happening in the Marcellus Shale gas industry, which is where we are located.  So, if you want a Broker with knowledge and experience that produces results, then she is the one.  It is an added bonus that she is Marcellus Shale savvy, too. We look fondly in continuing our trust in ARK. Thank you, Ellen, for all you have done for us.Paul and Lynn Montalbano, West Auburn, PA
Ellen is a good listener. She excels in commercial real estate, and she excels in business. She's a real leader with what do you say, chutzpah? Yeah, Ellen‘s got that with perseverance, follow through, responsiveness, and intelligence. She’s a real pro!Lanny Ross, Owner, Automotive Distributing Co.
Ellen has a strong background in contracts, negotiation, and commercial real estate. She acted in my best interest to structure a double deal and to negotiate all of the details that were important to our company. Plus, she kept me informed and clearly explained information throughout the process. I am very fortunate that I was able to sell my building and not even have to move out of the section that we used for office space and manufacturing. Ellen willingly shared her time and knowledge throughout the whole process. In fact, I would not hesitate to contact her right now because even though the transaction has ended, Ellen’s customer service has not --- she’s just that kind of person. I am very glad that Ellen cold called my company and that I was fortunate to have her representation.Larry Mandel, President, New Home Window Shade Company
I am very pleased with the long term lease deal Ellen negotiated for our property. She works hard on real estate transactions so I don’t have to. I like how she keeps me up to date and how she works productively with my staff. Plus, Ellen is excellent in negotiations and in getting the numbers to work so the deal did not fall through. Ellen has a keen sense of the financials, and her analysis and recommendations really paid off for me. She is my top choice if I ever have commercial real estate transactions in the future.Joe Talarico, President, East Coast Logistics
Ellen has been going strong in completing multiple deals for our company. She has an excellent network as well as many referrals from satisfied clients. Her energy is remarkable for like the Energizer Bunny, Ellen just doesn’t stop.  She understands and acts on our goal which is to close deals.  Ellen is easily accessible for we have reached her morning, afternoon, nights, and weekends.  She’s very easy to work with and even adds humor to the process. I am glad that Ellen was highly recommended to our company, and we highly recommend her to others who want a Broker with proven results.Don Zurenda, President, US Seal Inc.